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Ever been in the middle of a taping project, high on a ladder, just to realize that the roll of tape has slipped away from you? You glance around to find it has rolled all the way across the room, freshly dusted with spackle and debris. Well, this is exactly what happened to the owner and inventor of the Quick Draw Tape Dispenser, Mike Knez.


Tool belts are heavy and awkward for painters and drywallers. There is never a good place to keep tape nearby and available when you are on the move, getting the project done.


Mike Knez tried everything, rope, twist-ties coat hangers. He also searched the web, stores, tape isles with no success. So, in his own garage, Mike created his first prototype of Quick Draw using PVC molded to the form you see today. He used it for years, not knowing that he was doing necessary product research and development. More and more, other contractors asked where he got it, and where they could get one like it. That's when the product was officially born.


Knez visited several manufacturers, CAD Designers and found out that injected plastic could provide the strength and smooth contours of his prototypes. Learning of this, success was just around the corner. He patented his designs and began launching his first product line.


Knowing he wanted to provide a product that was made in the USA, he searched and found a nearby company to help him create what is now the Official Quick Draw Tape Dispenser. We are proud to have had such amazing partners in the conceptualization and development of this product.


We hope that all painters, dry wall specialists, auto body shops and numerous other professionals find Quick Draw as convenient and helpful as Mike Knez originally discovered on the job.



Height: 10.5cm. (4.125in.)

Width: 7.1cm. (2.75in.)

Depth: 3.5cm. (1.875in.)


Patented: Yes



Pocket Hook

Belt Hook (Optional)

Painter's Pocket (Optional)



Tape Holder:

Masking Tape

Packaging Tape

Blockout Tape

Liner Tape

Electical Tape



With Utility Knife Holder

With Pencil Holder


Other Uses:

Wire Holder

Cord Holder

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