mask it faster™


Convenient Tape Dispenser Knife Holder* & Carrying tool.
* Knife sold separately

Welcome to the official Quick Draw Tape Dispenser website. If you’ve already heard of it, then you know how fast and efficient masking for painting, finishing, texturing or even auto detailing can be.


We’re not saying our product will save your life or even change it. But for as little as $7.95 we can guarantee that you’ll get your next job done faster, more efficiently and comfortably with the original Quick Draw Tape Dispenser.


Great for anyone who does:

• Painting

• Finishing

• Texturing

• Trimming

• Drywall

• Car/Truck Detailing • Automotive Painting

• Masking

• Framing

• Art projects

• Video Production • Securing Cables

• Duct Work

• Screen Printing

• And much more...

Never lose your tape while on the job again! You won’t drop it from a ladder, let it roll across the room or have to chase after it again. With Quick Draw™ your masking tape is right at your side available when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.


“Tape rolls; that’s why you need Quick Draw”



Simply slide the down-angle arm of the Quick Draw Tape Dispenser into your pocket, and put any roll of tape 2" wide or smaller, over the exposed armature and you are on your way!

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